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I have so many things I could write about, considering that I’ve been gone from campus for several days (that means lots of adventures).  I think I shall just write an educationally-minded blog today.  Amidst all of the games I played while at my grandmother’s for Thanksgiving, I also read a book called I’d Like To Apologize To Every Teacher I Ever Had.  It really made me think.  The former TV actor, Tony Danza, decided to take a stint teaching.  He had always wanted to be a teacher, but he pushed it to the side in favor of something else.  One day he decided to go teach.  The station latched on to the idea and decided to sponsor him by making it into a TV show.  Thankfully, he was strict and said no scripting, because he wanted it to be natural.  This turned into the show Teach (of which I’ve only seen one episode), which was eventually cancelled because it was not exciting enough.  However, he continued to teach.  Here are a few of my thoughts as I was reading the book and some of my favorite quotes:

” Being a teacher is part salesman, part actor, and lots of compassion.” Pg 33.

He did an Of Mice and Men scavenger hunt as a review for the test, which I was totally stoked about while reading.  That sounded awesome.

He did an American Idol poetry reading contest.  Awesome Idea!

“The bottom line is that everyone of us has a stake in getting education back on track in America.  even if we can’t all be great teachers ourselves, we should be rooting for those who do go into this profession…we all still need to support the public school system, because our country’s future depends on its success.” Pg 259

I am still a little aprehensive about the TV show part, because I feel that might have swayed some of the enthusiasm.  He did manage to teach even after the station pulled the cameras out of the school, though, so I feel like he at least found a passion for the students.  The other factor is that he only had one class to teach, which meant he had more time to plan.  Oh well.  I still liked many of his ideas.