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Steeping My Tea

Yesterday I heard a metaphor that I think will stick with me for a while. When I go to make tea, I boil the water, pour it over the tea bag, and let it steep for several minutes. Alternatively, I could boil the water, pour it in the cup, and dunk the tea bag in and immediately take it out. That wouldn’t make very good tea, though.


Similarly, I have two options for how I spend time with God. I could take brief and irregular dunks into God’s word and say short prayers sporadically. Alternatively, I could saturate my life with God’s word, spend time pondering the application in my heart, and communicate consistently with him through prayer. Which will make me a better “tea”?

One way to “steep my tea” a bit stronger is to be involved in a good church that challenges me to spend more time with God (and I feel blessed to have one right now).

“I love the habitation of your house and the place where your glory dwells.” (Psalm 26:8)

“One thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek after: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in his temple.” (Psalm 27:4)

When life gets crazy or my schedule gets interrupted, I’ll make a cuppa and remember that in order to be fully “steeped” I have to spend time in the living water. No one likes weak tea, and God doesn’t like a half-steeped follower.

“Send our your light and your truth; let them lead me; let them bring me to your holy hill and to your dwelling.” (Psalm 43:3)

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The unexpected

This weekend was our 7th annual camping trip things didn’t go as planned. Two of our meats got left out. A friend at the last minute didn’t get to come. The water in the pond was really low. It just wasn’t the weekend I was expecting. For the past bit my mantra has been “God has a plan”. I’m sure this weekend was no different. Even though I haven’t quite sorted it all out, I know God has a plan. The changes to my agenda were not random or unnecessary; in fact it was still pretty good weekend. Here are some highlights.

We relaxed in hammocks.
Each person had her own hammock.
Even though the water was down, the view was still beautiful.
We’d already celebrated my birthday once, but they brought cupcakes anyway.
The land owner took us on a nice tour of his forest. It’s always a nice excursion. This time we saw baby raccoons.
I was the fire master. Not once did we have to use any fluid to start it. Even though it rained Friday night, we still had a fire to heat water for tea and coffee each morning.
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25 Things

On this morning of the completion of my 25th birthday, I would like to make a list of 25 things for which I am thankful God has given me.

  1. A God who shows clemency
  2. The promise of Heaven
  3. A family that supports and loves
  4. Friends who are real when needed and spoil me when needed.
  5. Churches who help me grow closer to God
  6. A cat who adores me
  7. A job that encourages my faith
  8. Students who push me to be better
  9. Books that entertain me
  10. A healthy body
  11. Tea to warm me to my toes
  12. A shelter from the world
  13. An always full belly
  14. Clean water
  15. Electricity (I am blessed)
  16. Blankets (I really hate being cold)
  17. Opportunities
  18. A car that runs (most of the time)
  19. Clothes appropriate for every season
  20. A conscience
  21. Past mistakes and diversions from more fatal mistakes
  22. Discipline
  23. Numerous Bibles
  24. An intelligent mind
  25. 25 years of life
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Day Two: Beauty

As I work on essays that are due next week for various classes, I am reminded of my gratefulness for being able to write that I posted about yesterday. Even after writing/editing about eight pages today, I am still grateful for that ability to write. Sometimes thought I wish I could write about things that are more interesting.

That leads me to my second day of gratefulness. First I would like to quote an e-mail that the athletic department sent out today that confirmed once again that this project is worthwhile.



Today I am thankful for beauty. I walked to the hair cutting place today and as I walked I noticed so many beautiful things that I just wanted to share. The trees are changing colors. The sky was that color of blue that almost blends in with the puffy white clouds. Little flowers that some might call weeds were blooming on the side of the road. This morning I woke up to a beautiful sunrise. The salonist gave me a compliment on my hair. The compliment was beautiful. My Pumpkin spice tea tasted beautiful this morning. I ate lunch with a friend; that’s a beautiful moment. There has already been so much beauty in this day and it’s only 2:34 in the afternoon. Wow.

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Maybe I noticed more beauty today because I was looking for it. Once I saw one beautiful thing I searched for more beauty. Really, there is beauty in everything if one just looks a little closer.