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Roxie’s Reminder

My first car was named Roxie after a man who used to come into the restaurant where I waitressed. His last name was Rex, and the advice he gave me lingers in my mind as I drive to visit family and friends this Christmas season.

Drive for yourself and for everyone else.

This man hadn’t had a wreck in all of his years of driving, so his advice on driving seems trustworthy. Of course it’s impossible to completely predict how others will drive, but the idea is to watch other cars. 

This is not saying that his advice kept me accident free (cough, July’s dumb moment that cost me Roxie’s life), but it has probably kept me more cautious in other moments. As you drive this holiday and beyond, friends, be cautious. Pay attention to your driving as well as what others around you are doing. 

Thanks Mr. Rex. 

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God has a plan

I didn’t get hurt in the wreck nor did anyone else.

My brother lost a job before he started due to the place closing. A few days later he was hired at another which is similar to a place he’s worked before.
Several times I’ve come in to school not knowing what devotional to share but God has directed me daily and the kids have responded.
I had been procrastinating on paying my car registration. Now I don’t have to pay that part.
Another friend found a job in his major with better hours just months after feeling unsure where he was heading career wise.
My brother’s girlfriend took a job across the state from my brother a few years ago. Now he’s moved to the same town to pursue something(s) he loves. Now he’s only two hours away from me as well.
I’ve been blessed this year being at Oneida. It was the only school to give me an interview, but I have no doubt this is where I belong at this season in my life.
When I moved to Oneida, I had an extroverted neighbor who has become a good friend. In fact I moved in at a time when she needed a friend as well.
I was offered an Americorps position when I wasn’t offered a teaching position. Now I’m using the education grant for my Master’s degree.
I had to learn to drive a minivan during college. I was given a minivan as a rental.
Another friend has a source of income after a dry financial year, while another lady from our church has a housemate because of my friend’s dry season.
Every detail of my life has been planned by God in ways I can’t even understand. Every person I’ve met has been put in my life for a reason. I am excited to keep living with my eyes open to see how God will reveal his plans for my life.
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I’m not superwoman, but I have a super God.

Don’t try to be superwoman: that’s the lesson of the weekend.

I had grand plans of trying to make it back to Oneida for the 11 am service at my church after attending the early service at my brother’s church. I probably could have made it fashionably late if I had been cautious and smart. Instead I was on the side of the road with a defunct car, a policeman, an ambulance, my brother and his girlfriend, and many tears at 11 am on Sunday.

God had his hand on the entire situation though and still does. I wasn’t hurt, and I didn’t hit the car coming towards me. I only spun and hit the ditch a couple of times before I ended up back on the road with a busted tire and quite a bit of damage to the car. Roxie (my car) has been treated kinder, but God used her to shield me from any physical damage.

When I was in high school, I wrote a poem about slowing down. Metaphorically I was speaking of slowing down to enjoy life, but in light of this past weekend, I think slowing down while driving is a good idea as well. If I hadn’t been in such a hurry to be superwoman and fly back to Oneida (good intentions and all), I wouldn’t be driving a rental minivan right now and worrying about Roxie. One lesson I’ve learned is to not rush. If I can’t be part of everything, so be it. God has a plan for each location I’ll be. While I write that last sentence though, I also realize that God has a plan for my accident as well.

It’s hard to say yet what good will come of my accident, but I know God has a plan to take even this unwanted situation and bring glory to his name. Already he’s provided for me through many concerned people and a good insurance company, so I have no doubt he has a plan. For now, I’ll wait on the prognosis, and in the meantime I’ll take life a little slower.

Most of all praise be to God that I am safe and that no one else was involved.

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Snow Days and God Things

So we got a foot of snow on Monday and they’re calling for more tomorrow. My snow days have been pretty lazy. I had already done all of my prep work for both of my jobs this coming week, and I don’t have papers to grade. When the snow really started to fall, I was a bit upset because that meant I wouldn’t get to use my lesson plans that I spent several hours putting together. And they were good this week. I was not planning on writing a post because I didn’t want to admit my laziness and I was bitter over the large amount of snow that caused school to be cancelled so many days.

Today though things are looking up. I still am here at the house and there’s still a foot of snow covering the yard, but things are looking up. I could leave now if I wanted to do so. This morning I decided I was going to try to clear my driveway even if it took me all day…and it would have, especially once I discovered that there was no shovel to be found. Turns out, it’s locked in the garage, which since I’m housesitting I have no access to. I spent about an hour with a broom and bucket clearing the short walk from the house to my car and the six inches right around my car.

Then a miracle happened. A neighbor came trudging across the yard and flagged down another neighbor with a tractor. As I type this, the tractor is clearing me a path out of the yard. While I was using a bucket and a broom, I had been envious of another neighbor who had someone on a tractor clearing his driveway, but now I’m a bit shameful of that envy. God provided me a tractor. I just had to do a bit of work myself.

You know, I think a lot of things in life are that way. Our selfish nature is to assume that things should be just given to us. I don’t think that’s how God always works though. Yes, some things, such as grace, are given to us freely even though we don’t deserve it, but sometimes God wants us to get a bit dirty and sore first. That’s what happened today. God wanted me to get out there and do some work myself before he sent along a tractor. The hard work made me even more thankful for the tractor, because my broom and bucket would have taken me a long, long time to clear that entire driveway.

This was taken sometime in the midst of the snow falling on Monday.
This was the last measurement I took. I’d say we got about a foot out here.
My efforts to clear a path with a broom and a bucket.
After the tractor made a couple of sweeps across the yard.
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Four Leaf Clover

About a week ago, I prayed “God if this is going to be a good day, please let me find a four leaf clover.” That day continued without finding a four leaf clover. I’ve been searching for a four-leaf clover since earlier this summer. Every time I start searching, someone else found one and I got frustrated and gave up.

Today I walked out of school to get in my car and go home, but my car wouldn’t start. Mind you this happened just a week ago when I discovered that my brake lights were staying on after I turned off the car. I was stuck at school in another town when I really just wanted to get back to my dorm. I called my best friend with tears. I thought it was my brake light again. So I got the band director to jump my car and I called the mechanic. Wiping away tears I headed back toward college. Before I got out of the parking lot I realized that my headlights were still turned on. Oh bummer. It wasn’t my brake lights this time; it was my own stupidity. I humbled myself and called the mechanic back.

Lo and behold when I got out of my car at college, I found a four leaf clover. I almost cried again. God was sending me a sign that it’s all gonna be okay. In Captivating, Stasi Eldredge talks about how God sends us chocolate and flowers in the form of sunsets and beautiful trees sometimes. Today God sent me some chocolate in the form of a four leaf clover.

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Roxie (my car- I’ll tell the story of it’s name later) decided to be finicky today.  I was on my way to the camp where I work (it is about a 2.5 hour drive from where I am now) for a reunion.  Roxie and I got about an hour into the drive, when the airbag light came on.  I, not knowing much about cars, thought it was my door light, so I pulled over to check my doors.  When it didn’t go off, I took the approach of turning off and on the car.

Well, the car didn’t come back on.

I refused to panic, but I had no clue what to do.  I was an hour from my dorm, 1.5 hours from camp, and 4 hours from home.  I had jumper cables, a spare tire, a change of clothes, water, and my Bible.  After some debate, my roommate decided to drive her car to come jump my car.  That worked for about 500 feet.  We got into a turn around, I stopped to check the road, and the car died again.  This time we pushed the car back away from the road and began racking our minds.  My car could not be left there in the middle of the road.  About the time, we got ahold of our youth pastor, a nice friendly volunteer fireman stopped to help.  God sure does send all the help at once doesn’t he? 🙂

I was able to get a wrecker to bring my car back to the college, and now it is waiting in the church parking lot for a new alternator.  Crazy day.



Roxie’s Name

Roxie, my car, is a Ford Escort Sport who does well considering her age.  She’s named somewhat after a man that used to come in to the restaurant where I worked.  This cantankerous old man’s name was Bill Rex.  One day I rode with him to his house to help him carry some food into his house.  On the ride he told me that he had never had had a wreck in 60 years that was his fault (the only ones had been deer hitting him), and his mantra was to “drive for yourself and everyone else.”  So far that mantra has worked for me as well.  I named her Roxie, because it was similar to his name and to remind myself.