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Walk on the Water- Faith

Oftentimes, I feel impatient to know what my life holds, especially concerning the dating world.  I see people all over campus holding hands and just appearing generally happy in their relationships.  Then I look at myself and I don’t see that.  I begin to wonder what is wrong with me.  I try to figure out how to change, but then I realize that God has a plan.  I may not know at the moment what will happen in my life concerning dating, family, careers, or anything else, but God does.

Dear Lord,

I pray for patience to follow your plan.   Your plan is perfect.  You know my future, past, and present.  I’m tired of trying to change to conform to the world.  Instead I want to conform to you.  I pray that you will give me peace with where my life is right now.  Ultimately really nothing matters aside from your plan and eternity anyway.