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With a Little Help From My Friend

I had to get my best human friend’s help with this next challenge because I was having a tough time finding a book that I’ve loved but hated at the same time. We landed on the definition that it’s a book that I really enjoyed but that there were characters or plotlines that I didn’t enjoy. Without going too far back in my memory, I would choose A Prayer for Owen Meany, which I’ve posted about a couple of times if you’ll remember. (If you don’t remember, click here and here.) This book is one that I really enjoyed reading, but Owen’s character annoyed me sometimes. I was also slightly put off by the format of the book going back and forth between present and past. The present wasn’t as interesting to me. All in all though, I’d say there’s more love for this book than there is hate.


My friend also helped me parse out the meaning of the challenge that I skipped. She helped me see that the characterization “overrated” is an opinion, and it doesn’t mean I am saying no one else should read the book nor am I saying it’s a bad book. I am simply saying that Twilight does not deserve as much hype as it has received. There are better stories out there. It’s a sensational novel that garnered a lot of buzz and now can be found in many peddler’s malls. I enjoyed it while I read them, but they’re not ones I will re-read or rush to see the movie (I did get caught up in the first one). There are just better books out there.

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A Hard Thing to Say: Hate

Hate is a really strong word, but the next category is a book that I hated. I hesitate to say I hate a book because usually on a second read-through I find something to like about the book. Before you get up in arms about the book I will discuss because you like it so much, know that I realize it probably has redeeming qualitities and someday I plan to go back and re-read to find those.

The book I choose I read during high school. It was a time when I was doing independent work in the hallway, so that might have impacted my understanding of the value of The Turn of the Screw. I remember it being somewhat cheesy as a ghost story and hard to read. I just don’t remember enjoying it and wishing I could finish it. That’s all the negative I want to say. Now I need to put it back on my list of books to read.