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Roxie’s Reminder

My first car was named Roxie after a man who used to come into the restaurant where I waitressed. His last name was Rex, and the advice he gave me lingers in my mind as I drive to visit family and friends this Christmas season.

Drive for yourself and for everyone else.

This man hadn’t had a wreck in all of his years of driving, so his advice on driving seems trustworthy. Of course it’s impossible to completely predict how others will drive, but the idea is to watch other cars. 

This is not saying that his advice kept me accident free (cough, July’s dumb moment that cost me Roxie’s life), but it has probably kept me more cautious in other moments. As you drive this holiday and beyond, friends, be cautious. Pay attention to your driving as well as what others around you are doing. 

Thanks Mr. Rex. 

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Get your kicks…

On Route 66.  Now I have seen both Cars Movies in one week.  I have loved the first movie since the first time I saw it but I was finally able to view the second one when it came to the discount theater in Lexington.  After re-watching the first one tonight with my family, I once again would like  to travel Route 66.  I really like the first line of this website which talks about the movie and the real road.  “With the release of the movie CARS by Pixar/Disney on DVD we would like to remind you that the real Route 66 is not like Atlantis, but can actually be driven today.”  I began looking at some of the pictures and Iwould suggest that you do as well.  Many of the signs and places in the first movie are real.  In Cars 2 it was easy to recognize many famous international sites having been to many, but the first movie was a little more tricky.  After realizing that there is a wigwam hotel (cozy cone in), a leaning water tower (leaning tower of tires), and a “here it is” sign (where we first see the sheriff sitting) I appreciate Pixar even more.  Someone put a lot of time into this movie to make it seem real.


This website is very insightful, but I don’t see the need to simply repeat it all.  Check it out.

A Route 66 guide to the “Cars” movie