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Get your kicks…

On Route 66.  Now I have seen both Cars Movies in one week.  I have loved the first movie since the first time I saw it but I was finally able to view the second one when it came to the discount theater in Lexington.  After re-watching the first one tonight with my family, I once again would like  to travel Route 66.  I really like the first line of this website which talks about the movie and the real road.  “With the release of the movie CARS by Pixar/Disney on DVD we would like to remind you that the real Route 66 is not like Atlantis, but can actually be driven today.”  I began looking at some of the pictures and Iwould suggest that you do as well.  Many of the signs and places in the first movie are real.  In Cars 2 it was easy to recognize many famous international sites having been to many, but the first movie was a little more tricky.  After realizing that there is a wigwam hotel (cozy cone in), a leaning water tower (leaning tower of tires), and a “here it is” sign (where we first see the sheriff sitting) I appreciate Pixar even more.  Someone put a lot of time into this movie to make it seem real.


This website is very insightful, but I don’t see the need to simply repeat it all.  Check it out.

A Route 66 guide to the “Cars” movie