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God and I

God and I went on an adventure together today. It was a bit muddy and slick and totally delightful. As followed the trail markers through the quiet forest, he reminded me that he has given me trail markers in life as well to keep me on the path. My heart panged a bit as I saw a couple taking engagement photos, but God reminded me that no matter my marital status he is more than enough to satisfy me. A child’s shriek of fright and the mother’s reassurance as they climbed a hill put a smile on my lips, and God reminded me that he’s given me much to smile about. All in all it was a good day basking in God’s beauty. Enjoy the pictures below and remember how much God loves you.

Cumberland Falls, Kentucky

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Winter Redeemed

Earlier this week my students and I were discussing how symbolically winter often represents death or an ending. 

Then it started snowing.

And hasn’t really stopped at all today.

I think it’s beautiful how God is redeeming something that’s supposed to be dead. He’s making something clean and beautiful out of decay and death.

That’s exactly what he did with me. I was dead because of sin. He redeemed me and made me clean and beautiful. Thanks God.

 “Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord : though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool.”

Isaiah 1:18 ESV

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Becoming Beautiful

Perfection is a standard

Easily broken.

Like a foot of snow on a cold winter morning

Unbroken and untrodden-

It must be broken to go anywhere.

Little dolls lined up on the mantle

Untouchable and unflawed-

Also unable to go anywhere.

My face and hair after hours in the bathroom

Poised and perfect-

Yet unable to go anywhere.

Once it all meets the world

Full of pain and heartache and chaos

The perfection fades, replaced by

Pathways and smudges and smile lines.

Becoming trodden and moveable and real.

Becoming Beautiful.

19 February 2014

I wrote this as I looked out the window at the foot of snow covering my yard. There were some places completely untouched but the places that offered me a hope of escaping this house where the cleared and touched places. Often I spend too long trying to make myself beautiful and then I realize that I admire the girls who are so full of joy with their hair flying everywhere and no make-up. Beauty is not always perfect.

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Am I In Any Way Beautiful?

As a young girl, I would watch Disney princesses and desire to wear beautiful dresses. I pretended to be a princess. My toe nails changed color at least once a week. Even though I’ve grown a bit since those days, I still find myself desiring to be beautiful.

Photo cred to my uncle

I want to be beautiful. I want people to notice beauty, but it doesn’t feel enough to be noticed for my physical beauty. I want a joyful beauty to emanate from my spirit. The beautiful joy of God.

Photo cred to Clare Lutz McMurtry

Paul tells Timothy that women should be modest in their appearance. Women should not draw attention to their outward beauty. Instead the beauty should come from within. It should manifest itself in a servant’s heart, a joyful smile, or a listening ear. Paul says that “women who claim to be devoted to God should make themselves attractive by the good things they do” (1 Timothy 2:10). A woman’s external features could be perfectly placed and manicured, but if her attitude is hateful or selfish, her outward beauty is flawed. It’s about the heart.

I still sometimes wake up and desire to be physically beautiful. I forget to focus on my inward beauty. I’m human, but I know God desires the inward beauty. That’s more important.

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Day 5: Beauty

I did not skip yesterday. I discovered that on Sunday I was a day ahead of myself. When I reset my watch at 12:30 am on Sunday morning for Daylight Savings Time I did not take into account that the day had already switched so it switched again. All day Sunday I thought it was the 4 November. That’s how I got confused.


Today I am thankful for colors. As I walked back from the school this morning I was astounded by the beautiful blue sky and the red and orange and yellow leaves. Then this afternoon while a friend and I hiked I was once again amazed by all of the colors of the foilage this year. God sure knows what he is doing when making nature.

Here is a picture of the colors I would use to describe my day:



The yellow is the happiness I feel. The purple is there because I feel very loved by God today. The blue is for the beauty I feel. The green is for the nature and for the peace I think is creeping into my life.

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Day Two: Beauty

As I work on essays that are due next week for various classes, I am reminded of my gratefulness for being able to write that I posted about yesterday. Even after writing/editing about eight pages today, I am still grateful for that ability to write. Sometimes thought I wish I could write about things that are more interesting.

That leads me to my second day of gratefulness. First I would like to quote an e-mail that the athletic department sent out today that confirmed once again that this project is worthwhile.



Today I am thankful for beauty. I walked to the hair cutting place today and as I walked I noticed so many beautiful things that I just wanted to share. The trees are changing colors. The sky was that color of blue that almost blends in with the puffy white clouds. Little flowers that some might call weeds were blooming on the side of the road. This morning I woke up to a beautiful sunrise. The salonist gave me a compliment on my hair. The compliment was beautiful. My Pumpkin spice tea tasted beautiful this morning. I ate lunch with a friend; that’s a beautiful moment. There has already been so much beauty in this day and it’s only 2:34 in the afternoon. Wow.

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Maybe I noticed more beauty today because I was looking for it. Once I saw one beautiful thing I searched for more beauty. Really, there is beauty in everything if one just looks a little closer.

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God’s Love

This song stumbled across my Facebook ads and the band name intrigued me so I YouTubed them.  This was the first song I clicked on.  I’m not sure what the artists intended by the song and video, but take a moment now to listen to thinking that God is singing it to you and that the man artist in the video is God leaving messages and calling for the girl.

Moment to listen…do it.

Nifty right?

How many times do we go through life not paying attention to the little ways that God is showing us his love?  Sometimes I stop and smell flowers or become amazed at colors because for me that is how God shows his love.  Sometimes I see his love in a verse of scripture or a kind word from a friend.  This time I see it through this video.  At times I am that girl.  So busy that I don’t see the  (figurative) “bright yellow flowers” that God has placed along the path as a way of drawing me to him.

This is a quote from the book Captivating:

“God’s version of flowers and chocolates and candlelight dinners comes in the form of sunsets and falling stars, moonlight on lakes and cricket symphonies; warm wind, swaying trees, lush gardens, and fierce devotion.”

So I guess what I’m saying is that God is painting a beautiful picture everyday, whether it be through storms that light up the night or gorgeous flowers that color the day.  We just need to slow down and realize that God is loving us through these things.  Take time to stop and smell the flowers and marvel at God’s handiwork.

God is saying:

“I have done for you everything my love.  hear my song for you, I will not hold my tongue.  open your heart, open your heart, for I have loved you from the start.  I will never harm you.”