Reads of 2019

I may have missed a few books prior to May, but honestly my reading life suffered during that time because of teaching and graduate classes.

  1. The Rest of Her Life (Laura Moriarty) completed 4/24
  2. Secrets at Cedar Cabin (Colleen Coble) completed 5/2
  3. Thin Air (Lisa Gray) (e-book) completed 5/14
  4. As You Like It (Shakespeare) 5/23
  5. Once Upon A Prince (Rachel Hauck) 5/26 (audio book)
  6. Being Emily (Anne Donovan) 5/28
  7. Off the Page (Jodi Piccoult and Samantha van Leer) 5/30 (e-book)
  8. House Rules (Jodi Piccoult) 6/8 (audio book)
  9. Salem Falls (Jodi Piccoult) 6/9
  10. Same Sun Here (Neela Vaswani and Silas House) 6/2019 (e-book)
  11. The Beguiled (Thomas Cullinan) 6/26
  12. Princess Ever After (Rachel Hauck) 7/2 (Audio book)
  13. Around the World in Eighty Days (Jules Verne) 7/6
  14. The Offering 7/15
  15. The Crimson Purpose (Kelly L. Ward) 7/21

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