Favorite Posts

My blog dates back to 2011; that’s a lot to sort through so I wanted to highlight some of my more memorable posts. These are posts where I feel I was particularly insightful or might be particularly useful.


My Hope For The World–This is about what I intend to accomplish as a teacher.

Overwhelmed About The Little Things— This post covers my fear of not having enough time to read everything. I think I have released some of this fear because I realize that I don’t want to read everything ever written. This does does still motivate me to read more and more though.

Great First Lines— A not exhaustive list of great first lines in books.

Can’t We All Just Be Humans?— It may not be a fully developed thought line, but there’s something there.–Follow up article: People are be-a-u-tiful.

Reading Difficult Literature— Some tips.


Did the Old Man Die?–This is a humorous take on the old children’s rhyme.

Perfect Moments–There’s a follow-up post entitled Muddy Moments. The list continues on Perfect Memories.

Adding a Ms. to My Name–This is about my first experience of being called Ms. Hughes.

Guarding my Heart

God is Jealous for Me…and You

Musical Magnetism

The Director of my Life

Chalkboard Imagery– a metaphorical view of my sin and salvation

Searching for Sunsets

Travelling Cheap–Tips!

Looking Back–A reflection on my time in London

The Magic of London

Love Some Books–In defense of real books

Communicating with Technology–my constant struggle with texts, instant messages, and the internet in general. More about this on Phones

In Versus About–Commentary on 1 Thessalonians 5:18. “Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for those of you who belong to Christ Jesus.”

Surrounded by Thornbushes–Applying “But I will fence her in with thornbushes. I will block the road to make her lose her way. Hosea 2:6.

Seeking Acceptance

Heed the Signs

Cleaning Our Swords– comparing a scene in The Chronicles of Narnia to real life.

Re-Imagining Christmas– A modern day re-telling of the Christmas story.

Feeling Salty Part One, Part Two, Part Three

In Response to Augustine

He Paid It All

A Drowning Language– the over-use of “lol”.

Do Not Be Anxious

I’m Sorry– in which I delineate the four types of “I’m sorry” I witness in the world.