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I’m Going To Sing

It’s allergy season in Kentucky, which means I find myself clearing my throat and waking up with a stopped-up nose. As much as I hate to admit it, I probably am an allergy sufferer. Just a few weeks ago, I had a bout that kept me congested and coughing for a week or so. This was right around the time of Easter, a time when I especially enjoy singing worship songs to God. You know how hard it is to sing when you can’t breathe? I don’t say all of this to gripe or complain. Even though singing praises to God was difficult and I probably sounded like a whale, I opened my mouth and let it out.

I sang because I have a reason to sing.

When I was younger, I sang unabashedly and considered myself to have a decent voice. Then I hit high school, and while my voice might have changed a little, my perception of myself suffered more. I convinced myself that my voice was nothing special and sometimes even unpleasant to hear. I didn’t want a career in the music world, but I also stopped singing with my whole heart.

God tells us to praise him. There’s an entire book of the Bible dedicated to songs about God and his greatness. If his human creations don’t praise him, the rocks will begin to sing praises to God (Luke 19:40). I’ve never heard a rock sing, but I sure hope that my singing voice is better than a rock’s voice. This is my reason to sing: God’s very being demands our praise, and he alone is worthy of that ability to demand praise. He’s worthy of our praise because he created all of us and this earth and the universe. He put everything in order. We humans messed up, so He gave us his son so that we could even communicate with him.

God deserves my unashamed singing voice whether it’s flat, sharp, clear, stuffy, low, or high.

Now I realize that praise doesn’t only come in the form of singing songs, and I practice other forms of praise and worship in my life. There’s just something powerful about raising my voice in song. I’m not one to yell much, so singing is a way to get loud about something that matters. Next time you hear a worship song on the radio, in church, or in your head, open you mouth and let it out loud and unashamed. As David said, we can become “yet more contemptible” in the world’s eyes than singing at the top of our lungs (2 Samuel 6:22 ESV). God deserves our loud and proud praise.


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