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Standing Firm

Maybe I’ve written this before, but I’m writing it again with new words as a reminder to myself and hopefully an encouragement to you.

Stand firm against the schemes of the devil. Ephesians 6:11b

How does Satan attack me? Through the little lies that enter my head. Just like Eve in the garden, he puts doubts about God’s character and God’s plan in my head. He makes me doubt what is good around me. I try to maintain a regular devotional and prayer time- he says, “did God ever say you have to read every day? You’re tired, so take a day off.” My boyfriend compliments me, and Satan shoots it down by pointing out all of my flaws. When I face something difficult, Satan convinces me that I have to do it all on my own without God or humans. I have an idea of something to write, and Satan whispers that someone has already written it better. The list goes on with the little lies that Satan puts in my mind.

Paul reminds me to stand firm. The only way to do that is to maintain a strong relationship with God. It means resisting the devil by opening my Bible even when I’m tired. It means catching myself in the mental comparison game and instead thanking God for the beauty and health he’s given me. It means accepting God’s strength and human help when tasks look daunting. It means sharing my thoughts even though they may not be unique.

Mostly standing firm means covering my life with prayer.

This note from one of my students says it so well.


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