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A Fairy Tale Ending

Someday I’ll wake up to a letter saying that my long lost relative is actually royalty (probably in England), and this letter will reveal to me that I’m actually a princess. It’ll be just like The Princess Diaries. I’ll have princess lessons, and, of course, I’ll be a natural. A fancy hair dresser and his assistants will make my hair and makeup fancier than I’ve ever known. I’ll charm all of the dignitaries. It’ll be magical.

Isn’t that every little girl’s (and obviously some big girls’) dream?

My friends and I pretended to be princesses while we hiked Princess Arch.

It’s a nice dream based in some very real truths. The core of this desire is to be seen, valued, and beautiful. (I can’t speak to understand the male brain, but I’m sure at least part of those desires exist for him as well.) We want to be princesses because God placed that desire in our hearts, and it can only be truly fulfilled by him.

Ladies, we already are royalty! We may not have crowns or castles or even a Prince Charming, but our Father is a King. He’s the High King of everything. He created all the other kings and will one day rule supreme over all the Earth and heavens again.

If we’re already royalty, we should act like it. We’re princesses training to be Queens. We have the ultimate kingly Father as our role model, and he’s given us his Spirit and instruction manual as a guide. We should walk with dignity, kindness, and joy, knowing that the most Royal Wedding is being prepared for us. We are seen, valued, and called beautiful. We are children of the King. Just be patient, keep practicing using the instruction manual he left us, and know that one day God will call us to our heavenly castles where we can worship the king and realize our true regal identity.

P.S. Guys, I think you can claim this royalty as well and live like the children of the king that you are.



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