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My Navigator

My friend and I did quite a bit of traveling this weekend. I drove and she navigated; we know what we do best. As we traveled to new locations or were forced to detour, I pondered how much our journeys mirror my journey with God.

A man’s steps are from the Lord ; how then can man understand his way?
Proverbs 20:24 ESV

Know who the navigator is

On our journey, my friend navigated, and I drove mainly because she doesn’t drive well at night and it was my car. For this trip those were our roles, but this doesn’t mean we couldn’t do the other role just as well. I can read a map, and she can drive a car. For this trip, though, she was the navigator. She told me which roads to take because she held the map.

Similarly, in my own life I have to recognize that God is my navigator. He calls the shots because he holds the master plan. The difference is, though, that God and I can’t switch places. He could do both roles, but I’m only suited to drive through his directions.

The driver has to listen

Since my friend was the navigator, I had to listen. At one point, I had an inkling that I didn’t remember taking this part of the road before, but she didn’t tell me to turn. I kept driving. A bit later, she realized that she’d turned off the GPS too soon, so she redirected us. I had to listen. At another point we were stopped by maintenance men and told to find another route because of a huge wreck ahead. Google maps didn’t comprehend what we wanted, so I really had to trust that she knew how to detour us.

When I’m driving through life, God gives me one direction at a time. I have to listen and trust that he knows the best route. When I go off course for a bit, I have to trust that he knows how to redirect me. When I hit a road block, I have to listen to his guidance on whether to go through it or how to reroute. I have to listen.

As I travel through life, I sometimes want to take control, but I have to remember that the vehicle I’m driving in reality is worth much more and more fragile than a replaceable car. God has only given me one life and one body. My best option in order to avoid a wreck is to listen to my Navigator.

The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.
Proverbs 16:9 ESV



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