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Faith in Storms

Life has been super busy lately, so I can totally relate with the disciples in the boat during the storm. Matthew records that the “boat was being swamped by the waves”. Yeah, my boat feels a bit swamped too.

The disciples cried out for Jesus to wake up and save them. I’ll admit I’ve had those thoughts as well during busy seasons or highly emotional seasons. I say “God can you just take some of this away? I can’t handle it.”

In this scenario, Jesus woke up and calmed the storm but not before rebuking them for having so little faith. Sometimes God calms my crazy (and sometimes he doesn’t), but I wonder if I listen closely enough I’d also hear that rebuke.

I don’t think it was so much that the disciples felt overwhelmed and scared; it seems that Jesus was more bothered that they felt the need to wake him as if he wasn’t aware of the situation and in complete control. How often during our crazy moments do we indignantly cry out to God as if he doesn’t know what we’re going through and doesn’t have his hand on the situation?

In crazy situations, I don’t think it’s wrong to share my feelings with God. Based on other scripture, I believe He wants to know. The trick is though that I can’t lose my faith that he has it under control.

Not to say I always act on this lesson. God is still molding me.

(Matthew 8:23-27)


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