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The Glass Castle

Sometimes you have to read something to remind yourself of the reality in which some people live. The Glass  Castle by Jeannette Walls is just such a book. Told in stark honesty, this memoir tells the truth of the author’s life growing up with adventurous parents who never saw a need to fit into societal comforts.

In this family, the father dreams of building a glass house for his family. In the meantime his entrepreneur lifestyle and his wife’s starving artist mindset keeps the family scrounging for money, food, and a reliable mode of transportation. The situations described by the author in which she lived filled me with sadness.

I don’t think, though, that the author’s intent was to make readers sad. She never gets dramatic about her descriptions, nor does she give the impression that she regrets her upbringing. There were hard times and times without food, and she did leave before graduating high school, but the story ultimately was about how she became who she is. It’s a story of overcoming and life choices. 

It’s a story that will stick with me as I look at people. When Walls first moved to New York, she didn’t tell anyone of her past. That reminds me that sometimes people have hidden hurts and not to judge them.

 The Glass Castle is not for the faint of heart. It’s not overly graphic though there are some tough subjects and language. It made me sad and angry at times, but it reminded me of my blessings as well as to be a blessing to others.



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