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Monologues from the Manger: Cathy

Christmas is here, and as I think back upon Christmases past and the marvel of the first Christmas, I am humbled by all the ways God has blessed me.

That first Christmas was enough of a blessing for any of us. There were so many factors working against God’s plan, but because he’s God, everything worked perfectly. A tiny baby with a big mission was born. That tiny baby grew into a perfect man who gave his life at a young age for a crime he never committed, so I could have a relationship with his Father. Wow what a major blessing!

I don’t need any more than that, but God has given me more than that at Christmas. Every Christmas we gather at my grandparent’s house for food, games, and just being together. As a kid I remember playing upstairs with my brothers until my Grandy woke up. The upstairs used to have a vent that connects to the bottom floor. One year my brother and I dropped army men through that floor. Needless to say my Papaw plugged that hole.

Another great memory was the mashed potato mountain. My Papaw had two favorite foods: mashed potatoes and ice cream. That one year he was in charge of making the taters. My family is small, but he made a mountain of potatoes. To make it more festive he put a candy cane in the top. He may be in heaven now, but that memory lives on.

Finally, I’ve been blessed with many memories of games played, won and lost. Those moments have taught me that losing is okay because the true reason for Christmas is being together. 

This year I’m thankful for God’s wonderful plan, his many blessings, and the opportunities he provides. This Christmas I hope you know Jesus and strive to be obedient to his call. Be thankful for the opportunities he gives you, marvel at his awesomeness, and trust his perfect plan. Finally, just take time to slow down and enjoy the season.

Merry Christmas!


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