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Monologues from the Manger: Wisemen

As educated men, we often hear rumors of things we should study, but we chose not to follow through. This nudge was one we were glad we followed because it absolutely changed our lives.

We were studying the stars one night, and we got a feeling that was there was something special about this one particular star. Some of the wisemen said it was of no particular importance, but we just kept pondering it. Eventually a group of us set out to follow it. 

We arrived in Jerusalem, knowing by then that we were looking for one called the king of the Jews because the old testament prophets talked of him. Herod, the king of that time, asked us to find this child and report back so he could worship the child as well. 

It sounded like a plan to us, so we continued on our journey. Finally we found the boy. We presented presents to him, and spoke with his parents. 

On our way out of town ,though, we had a dream telling us that returning to Herod was not the correct path. We returned home a different way. 

The lesson we learned through this incredible encounter was to sometimes not try to figure it all out in advance. We didn’t always know where this star was leading us, nor did we know who to trust. God knew, though. He guided us along the entire path and kept his son from danger. Always listen to God’s plan because it’s perfect.



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