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Monologues from the Manger: Elizabeth

Hello there! I’m Elizabeth. Maybe you remember me, or maybe you know my son John. Better yet, I hope you know my cousin’s child, Jesus. Yeah, Mary, Jesus’ mother, is my cousin. In fact, I was one of the first people Mary came to see when she discovered she was pregnant. Oh that was a sweet time. My little one simply leaped with joy. I just knew there was something special about these two babies who were soon to be born. 

Well, my baby was special simply because he was a true miracle from God. My husband and I trusted God’s plan, but we were always a bit saddened my the fact that we didn’t have any children. You can’t really blame my husband for doubting the angel when he was told we would have a child. We were quite advanced in our age. He paid for his disbelief though with silence until the baby was born. It sure was quiet during those months. 

Sure enough, though, God followed through on his plan. We had a son who came to be the one who preached about Jesus. We were so proud of him. 

As you heard my story, I hope you remember that God’s plan is perfect. We had to wait a long time, but because we were faithful, God gave us a child who had a great role in God’s plan. We thank God for the opportunity to be part of his plan of salvation. 


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