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Monologues from the Manger: Joseph

My name is Joseph. You may have already heard my name mentioned in my wife’s story, but she probably didn’t mention my moments of indecision. She’s kind, so she has forgiven my fear when I first learned of her situation. I’m getting ahead of myself though.

I was engaged to this wonderful young girl named Mary when the rumors started flying. People were saying that she was pregnant, and when I went to confront her she didn’t deny it. I didn’t wish her any more shame than she was currently in, so I decided I’d just divorce her quietly. I couldn’t marry someone who had obviously cheated on me!

Then I had the most bizarre dream. An angel told me in my dream to have no fear because Mary’s story about God giving her this child as a virgin was true. Any other time I would have blown such a dream off, but there was something so urgent about the dream. I went forward with the marriage, and boy was I glad too. I now have the most wonderful wife, and I was able to act as a father to God’s son. 

This wasn’t the only instance during this time that I was glad I listened to God. After the wisemen visited us, I had another angel dream that caused me to flee with my family to Egypt. Good thing too because Herod was on a mission to kill my son. Because I was obedient, Jesus was able to live his full life, and many prophesies were fulfilled. God rewards us when we are obedient.



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