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A Loss

“He’s touching me!” That was an often-heard phrase as we drove across Kentucky and into North Carolina to visit my dad’s mother. I didn’t know her very well due to distance, but since we share two names, there’s some kind of connection. This post is dedicated to my paternal grandmother, Catherine Hughes (who I knew better as Katy) who passed away this morning.

Besides the long drives, I remember being fascinated by her house. There were so many interesting things in there. Now of course, the memories are hazy, but let me see what I can remember. The National Geographic collection, the craft supplies for sewing and other projects, the honey and honey pot, the dogs, the porch where we had breakfast, the tall trees that lined the drive and front of the house, the toys, and so much more. 

From what I remember she was a lady who enjoyed smiling, made good food, and possessed a knack for making things beautiful. I look forward to heaven where I’ll be able to get to know her. I just wish I had appreciated her more while I had the chance.



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