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Crushed Joy

“A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22

I read this verse yesterday and decided I would strive to be more cheerful and kind today. I imagined myself as a little joy-giver to everyone I met. 

Then BAM, all of the little annoyances started. It was cold outside. The kids were talkative and unfocused. Many of them didn’t have their homework completed, and some even tried to finish while I was teaching the lesson. There are too many low grades, which makes me feel bad. The lesson felt rushed and ineffective. I forgot to do things. Then I agreed to sub during my planning period, which was fine, but I had procrastinated on my last period planning so I felt worried all day there wouldn’t be an opportunity to do it (that worked out). My last period students were whiny and wanted a free day. After school I realized I left my car keys in the room where I subbed, but it was locked so I had to walk home to get my spares. So many things kept trying (and sometimes succeeded) to steal my joy. I must admit that at times I displayed more of a crushed spirit because, you know, misery loves company. Ultimately I let my emotions dictate my actions. 

In a perfect God-planned way, my class discussed today that God is faithful and ready to forgive our sins when we ask. That promise restores my joy. Tomorrow is a new day to try again, with God’s renewed strength, to be joyful and to be the encouragement God has called me to be.

Cheers and good night!


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