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A Walk To Remember

A Walk To Remember is one of my favorite movies. It tugs at my heart. The main character, who has a strong-rooted faith in God, befriends and falls for the school’s bad guy. There’s a little secret though that she hasn’t shared, but that I won’t share either. 

I appreciate Jamie’s strong convictions. That purity and faith is what draws Landon to her in the first place. Even after they start dating, she maintains boundaries. He tempts her, but she doesn’t give in to the desire to keep a boyfriend. Yes, Mandy Moore is a pretty lady, but the character’s true beauty lies in the faith that begins in her soul and emanates out her eyes.

Dating a guy who openly doesn’t share her faith does seem like a risky move on Jamie’s part. In her case, she’s able to stand her ground and the guy respects her faith. In other cases though, it could be very easy for the guy to pressure her to stray away from her faith and convictions. Unfortunately, it’s not the kind of story either where Landon comes to share her faith.

Overall their relationship is wonderfully set sweet. He pursues her, even after she pushes him away. He respects her father. He listens to her remembers her bucket list; then he starts helping her check it off. He even dances with her under the stars. (Mop my heart up off the floor, please.) Only hope.

Now I know life can’t be like the movies because this movie is a work of fiction, but watching it does give me happy feelings. If you haven’t seen it, check it out, and if you have, watch it again. Then, let me know your thoughts. 


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