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Dumped… Again.

Sometimes finishing a good book feels like getting dumped.

Recently I took a reading personality test that asked me how I know a book is good. I answered that a book is good when it makes me want to skip meals or obligations in order to keep reading. I also know a book is good when I go  to a book store and see a book, immediately want to buy it because I enjoyed it so much, and then realize I already own it. Finally a good book puts me in a book slump where I spiral into massive amounts of Netflix watching.

Finishing a good book feels similar to how I’ve felt after a relationship ends, granted I’ve only had a bit of experience in that category. During a good relationship, you allow the relationship to absorb time you used to spend doing or thinking about other things. After it ends, you sigh over other relationships, wish you could have it, and realize that you already had it. Finally after a good relationship you may be in a relationship slump where dating can be hard to break into again, so you watch massive amounts of Netflix to cope.

It’s not a perfect metaphor, and any good book lover who’s ever been dumped might just understand these feelings. Let me know.


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