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God has a plan

I didn’t get hurt in the wreck nor did anyone else.

My brother lost a job before he started due to the place closing. A few days later he was hired at another which is similar to a place he’s worked before.
Several times I’ve come in to school not knowing what devotional to share but God has directed me daily and the kids have responded.
I had been procrastinating on paying my car registration. Now I don’t have to pay that part.
Another friend found a job in his major with better hours just months after feeling unsure where he was heading career wise.
My brother’s girlfriend took a job across the state from my brother a few years ago. Now he’s moved to the same town to pursue something(s) he loves. Now he’s only two hours away from me as well.
I’ve been blessed this year being at Oneida. It was the only school to give me an interview, but I have no doubt this is where I belong at this season in my life.
When I moved to Oneida, I had an extroverted neighbor who has become a good friend. In fact I moved in at a time when she needed a friend as well.
I was offered an Americorps position when I wasn’t offered a teaching position. Now I’m using the education grant for my Master’s degree.
I had to learn to drive a minivan during college. I was given a minivan as a rental.
Another friend has a source of income after a dry financial year, while another lady from our church has a housemate because of my friend’s dry season.
Every detail of my life has been planned by God in ways I can’t even understand. Every person I’ve met has been put in my life for a reason. I am excited to keep living with my eyes open to see how God will reveal his plans for my life.


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