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25 Things Part Two

This morning I posted 25 things for which I’m grateful for; this afternoon I’d like to post 25 things I still hope to accomplish/see in whatever time God allows me.

  1. See all of my family love God again
  2. Get married
  3. Have kids
  4. Finish my Master’s degree (well start…)
  5. Buy a car from this century
  6. Catch up on my reading list
  7. Have a rocking chair on my front porch
  8. Read the Narnia series to my children
  9. Visit England again
  10. Memorize more scripture
  11. Inspire a student
  12. See my first sophomore class graduate
  13. Paint a beautiful picture
  14. Learn another instrument
  15. Learn to dance
  16. Have nieces and nephews
  17. Dye my hair (bravery needed)
  18. Live near family
  19. Crochet a sweater
  20. Drive a stick shift
  21. Write a book
  22. Be a regular exerciser
  23. Hug a sloth (it’d be fun!)
  24. Live each day to the fullest
  25. See Jesus return


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