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Then Sings My Soul

I’m coming to the point in my life where I realize that instead of books being good or bad, there are books that are for certain people or certain times.

My mom recommended Then Sings My Soul to me because she really enjoyed it. I did enjoy the story, but I wasn’t in a position to completely understand the character’s situation. Alternating between twentieth century Ukraine and present-day United States, Amy Sorrells tells the story of middle-aged Nel who is struggling with infertility on the west coast when her mother dies on the east coast. She travels to the east coast and discovers that her elderly father is suffering from dementia and hiding a past. She re-visits her own past while learning about her father’s past.

I found the writing style of high quality, and the story telling exquisite. The shifts between the past and present were smooth. On a literary level, I enjoyed the book, and at another time in my life I would probably find more in common with the main character. I’d tell you, give it a try.

then sings my soul



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