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Save Me Book: Romancing Miss Bronte

If there was one thing I would change about Romancing Miss Bronte, it would be the title. That’s all I would change, though. This fictional, yet well-researched, telling of Miss Charlotte Bronte’s life begins when the sisters first start contemplating publishing their writing and finishes after Charlotte’s death. There are brief flashbacks to times from their childhood, but most of the novel moves forward in their lives. I would change the title because the romance does not truly begin until the last third of the book. Don’t be misled; this book is not a romantic story.

I do know some of the history of the three Bronte sisters, originally known as the Bell brothers, and I can say the novel closely followed their lives. The author is honest about what she kept true and where she fabricated stories in the author’s note at the end. The book often had me hearkening back to my short time in Haworth, England and wishing I had spent more time around the house where the sisters grew up and wrote their novels. My heart also ached each time a character was taken by consumption or some other illness. Be warned: this book contains much death but no violent death.

I “saved” this book at the library. That particular trip to the library was supposed to be a quick trip in to pick out a movie to celebrate my birthday. I happened upon this book as I was going to the computer to see if a movie I wanted to watch was available. They (yes, there are two more) had little notes on them saying they would be removed from circulation if no one checked them out. Oh how sad! I think this book is worth keeping and I would even shelve it with the works by the Bronte sisters so it would get checked out more.


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