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The Westing Game

This bizarre tale of a tenet house where every member is an heir to a multi-millionaire. The heirs are called together, and a will is read, but no money is immediately given. The heirs must solve a mystery designed by Mr. Westing to determine who killed him and who would be the heir. It’s a tale full of clues, strange situations, and wacky characters.

While I didn’t always follow what was going on due to swift character changes, I did enjoy the suspense. I hadn’t figured out the end before the end came, and some of the characters kept me enjoying the story. My favorite character was Turtle, the young girl who kicked anyone who touched her braids.

I’d recommend this book to teenagers or adults who enjoy the game Clue because the Westing Game reminds me of Clue. You won’t quite know what’s going on until you finish the story, but the ending is worth the wait. The end of the story made me smile, but that’s all I can say without spoiling it.

westing game


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