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Live Love Lead

I have broken my non-fiction slump! I just finished reading Brian Houston’s Live Love Lead. In case you’re unaware, Brian Houston is the pastor of Hillsong Church. This book revealed some of the personality of this international group of worshipers. I learned about some of the history of how the church began, but this is by no means a book of history. It has a conversational tone which makes it easy to read.

Some of lessons in this book include:

-We’re all called to be pioneers, to use our talents to seek out opportunities to spread God’s mission.

-We all have to go through trials. God will get us through. Even Jesus had to rely on the father.

-“Consider what’s in your hand” when looking to serve God.

The only thing I wish is that he had expounded more on his mental illness because it’s typically an untouched topic in many Christian circles.

This book was a good read, and there are many lessons to be learned through the examples Houston gives of his own life.



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