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No Sugar? No Problem?

Here is my upfront warning: I do not normally review cookbooks. In fact, this is the only the second cookbook I have owned unless you count the notebook where I write down and paste recipes from various sources. Generally I either get my recipes off of the internet or use The Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. Even as a kid I remember my mom owning quite a few cookbooks, but I always came back to the red plaid cookbook. When I moved off on my own, I started by relying on the internet for most of my recipes; then I found a smaller version of my mom’s cookbook at Goodwill. It was an easy purchase to make.

Recently though I decided to get a new cookbook from Blogging for Books just to test it out. The I Quit Sugar Cookbook from Sarah Wilson is definitely different than the cookbooks I am used to using, but I’m willing to give it a try. So here are my thoughts on the layout, recipes, and extra features.

sugar cookbook

Layout: This cookbook is full of beautiful pictures, and my eyes keep flitting across the pages following arrows and pictures. It’s a huge book and definitely one to sit on a coffee table or kitchen table to spark conversation when guests come over. It’s easy to flip through and be attracted to certain recipes.

Recipes: I have yet to try any of the recipes. I don’t plan to switch over to a no-sugar diet because I don’t feel  that’s something I want to do in my life. Power to the author though. It’s admirable. I just love my chocolate too much. There are some of the recipes though that seems exciting to try. I’m interested in carrot “bacon” since I’m not a huge bacon fan, but I do love carrots.

Extras: While I probably won’t use many of these recipes because I still love my classic no-fuss recipes that I know (generally throwing  a piece of meat in the pan and steaming some veggies…wow that sounds unappealing when I put it that way). One thing I do love is how she doesn’t waste anything. It’s made me think more closely about my leftovers and the parts of food that I’m throwing away. While I probably won’t go so far as to take leftovers from other’s plates, I will try to re-purpose food in my fridge rather than throwing it away. I’m not doing so well yet, but it’s in my head.

It’s an interesting concept and maybe someday I’ll try cutting sugar for a while. For now, though, I’ll hold on to the book to try out some of the simpler recipes.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”



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