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Yellow and Pink: An argument for creation

Today I stumbled across a particularly brilliant children’s story. Yellow and Pink by William Steig contains  beautiful illustrations and a subtle creation versus evolution argument. Two figures lie on a hill and they begin wondering how they got there. Pink says that someone must have created them since they are so intricately made. Yellow begins to explain that they must have just happened since he’s so intricate and perfect and can’t remember the maker.

Yellow and pink 3Yellow and Pink2









Those are precisely the arguments that are made today concerning where humans come from. One side says that since we are so intricate and perfect that there must be a creator. The other side says that since we don’t know a maker, it was just a random order of events that caused us to be.

I don’t know William Steig’s religious affiliation, but I do know where he stands on this argument. At the end of the story, a man walks across the field, picks up the figures, checks their paint and carries them off. The figures are left wondering who this man is. This reminds me of God in so many ways. Some people are so blinded that they can’t imagine that there even could be a creator, but then he picks them up they can’t recognize him as a creator. I imagine in this story, Pink will figure out who the man is very quickly; I only hope that Yellow admits that the man is his creator as well.

Yellow and Pink 1


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