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A Hard Thing to Say: Hate

Hate is a really strong word, but the next category is a book that I hated. I hesitate to say I hate a book because usually on a second read-through I find something to like about the book. Before you get up in arms about the book I will discuss because you like it so much, know that I realize it probably has redeeming qualitities and someday I plan to go back and re-read to find those.

The book I choose I read during high school. It was a time when I was doing independent work in the hallway, so that might have impacted my understanding of the value of The Turn of the Screw. I remember it being somewhat cheesy as a ghost story and hard to read. I just don’t remember enjoying it and wishing I could finish it. That’s all the negative I want to say. Now I need to put it back on my list of books to read.


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