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The Odyssey Wins

I’m not sure that I can find a book that I think is overrated. Every book I consider for this title, I find some redeeming quality or it just feels wrong to call it overrated. Therefore, I’m skipping this challenge. If I find one, I’ll come back and let you know.

The next challenge is a book I didn’t think I would like and ended up loving. As you might remember, I read mainly “classics”, but even I turn my nose up at some classics. Later though, I humble myself and realize that I’ve been a book snob for no reason. The first one for this category is The Odyssey by Homer. I had just finished reading The Illiad for class and wasn’t a huge fan of it, so the idea of another Greek myth full of strange names and lengthy poetry did not make the top of my list of things to do on my weekends. Nevertheless, the book was assigned for a class, so I cracked it open. I ended up enjoying the story even though some of the characters were annoying. It’s not one I’ve read again since then, but it’s a story that I can recognize other places.


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