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Reminiscent of Kentucky

If you’ve been following along, I’ve been making (sort-of) daily posts based on a list of categories I found on the internet. Today’s category is a book that reminds you of home. This is another hard category because I generally read books because they take me other places. It’s not that home is a bad place; it’s just that quickly trekking through other character’s adventures is generally more thrilling than living my life slowly.

For the sake of this challenge though I’m going to attempt to choose a book or at least an author that takes me to my home in Kentucky. I’m going to choose books by Barbara Kingsolver. She grew up in Kentucky, which is probably why her books feel somewhat like home. Even though it’s been a while since I peeked into one of her stories, the characters still feel real. The Bean Trees reminds me of people I know here in Kentucky. Prodigal Summer brings to mind places I know. While The Poisonwood Bible is set in Africa, the situation of a preacher’s family is reminiscent as well.



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