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For Narnia! Part Two

As promised, today I will reveal my favorite Narnia book. Drum Roll please….

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader!

Prince Caspian gains a close second, but there are some scenes in Dawn Treader that make it more noteworthy. As a caveat I should say that I have only read The Last Battle once, but I remember it being slow.

Before you read further,  please know that the newer movie version of this book changes some major points. There is no silly green mist in the book and there are many more stops taken in the book.

Dawn Treader doesn’t include the older Pevensies but it does include my two favorite Pevensies and their  oh-so-endearing cousin Eustace.

It’s a book about temptations, and some of my favorite scenes are when each of the characters are tempted.

  1. Eustace and the gold. The scene where Eustace is un-dragonfied is possibly my favorite scene in this book, maybe the entire series. The movie does not do it justice because the movie cannot get into Eustace’s brain. He talks of how no matter how many times he scratched off the skin, it grew back hard and scaley. It took Aslan’s power to completely remove the skin, and it hurt when the skin was taken off. The metaphors abound!
  2. Lucy and her desire to be pretty. This is one scene that the movie does well. In the movie, Lucy wishes to be like Susan so much that she actually dreams that she is Susan. Aslan appears and shows her that being herself is most important.
  3. The Dufflepuds. Oh they’re so funny.
  4. Reepicheep gets to go to Aslan’s country.



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