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Best Book of 2015

Today I begin a 30-day blog challenge where all of the challenges relate to books. Let’s see if I can keep up. If I get behind, show some grace. I will get caught up.

Book Challenge

Day one is “Best Book You Read Last Year”. Oh my, that is hard. I must admit that in 2015, I spent way too much time watching television, but I did read some pretty good books. Without looking back at any of my posts or pondering too long, I choose Fifteen Minutes by Karen Kingsbury. It may not have been the most literary of books, but it was the one that sparked my book love and caused me to really reflect on my life. It is about a young man who leaves his Kentucky home to audition for a national singing competition. He ends up getting very far in the competition and it changes him. I don’t remember if he actually ends up winning, so I can’t spoil the ending for you.

I remember that at the time it really struck me that I also get distracted by outside forces just as the main character was distracted by fame. At the time, I was struggling with my Bible study time, which is something I consistently struggle to do, and my television time was out of control. In other words, I was distracted by time-wasters. This book really helped me to recognize these distractions and take preventative measures.


Maybe there were other good or better books that I read during the year, but there’s something to say for the fact that this was the first book that came to my mind today. Currently, I am in a Netflix fast centered around the Lenten tradition. I recognized that mindless Netflix watching was distracting me from my God time and even sometimes taking the place of it. I decided to use the accountability of other friends and the tradition to take a step back and really be mindful of my desire to fill time with television. Maybe that’s the reason this book’s message came back to me today as I pondered the best book I read in 2015. Just as the character in this book had to step back and reflect on how the fame changed him, I am stepping back to ponder the effect mindless television has on my life.



4 thoughts on “Best Book of 2015

  1. Bravo! We all need those kinds of reminders to get rid of the things that can take His place.

    And . . . I think, that even while Karen Kingsbury may not be literary in the way of Dickens or Thoreau, she is a fabulous storyteller and draws us in with her very real characters.


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