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Reading Fiction

I’ve always known there’s a reason why we should read fiction, but this video gives proof for that theory. Watch it then come back for my thoughts.


Crazy, huh! Just reading fiction for one day can affect how your brain functions for the next five days. I guess it’s time to find my next fiction book.

For this post though, I’d like to give a sneak peek of the book I am currently reading. It’s a monster of a book, so I may give posts throughout rather than waiting for one long post at the end. My current reading project was just published by John Donvan and Caren Zucker and is called In A Different Key: The Story of Autism. While this book is close to 800 pages, it’s a quick read so far. The style is story-like, and the rhythm is well-paced. I can almost hear a documentary voice-over voice if I listen closely, maybe that guy who voices the Planet Earth videos. If only all non-fiction could be this well-written; I might have actually retained some history or science if my textbooks had been written like a story.

Keep checking back as I read more of this fascinating tome.


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