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Waiting for Morning


Picture a happy family coming home from a camping trip, an anxious mother waiting their arrival, and a stranger who just lost his job. They meet at an intersection in this book about forgiveness and mercy. What’s left is a mother and a daughter at odds and a man facing a life in prison. Waiting for Morning by Karen Kingsbury is a fascinating read where I just wanted to shake the characters and make them see how their actions affect others.

The lessons in this book are powerful not only for people affected by drunk driving but also for anyone who’s ever had to find the power to forgive when it’s hard. The mother lets hate toward the driver of the vehicle that hit her family’s car build up in her heart to the point that God is pushed out. The powerful message of the book is that only God can heal hearts.

Not only does God have work to do in the mother’s heart, but He also provides an opportunity to the drunk driver’s heart as well. He learns how to finally change his ways and how to gracefully accept his consequences. The surviving daughter also has a battle to fight. Living with guilt and a mother absorbed by other matters, the daughter’s faith in God is the only thing she can hold onto. Literally, it saves her life.

This is a powerful book full of believable characters and a God that can work through the toughest of circumstances. Once again, Karen Kingsbury has reminded me of God’s power and God’s truths. Thank you. I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

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I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


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