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Small Groups

To be honest, the lack of response to our attempts at a summer Bible study on campus is somewhat disheartening. I keep trying to remind myself that numbers don’t matter; people and lives matter. The problem with me is that when I plan something, I plan big in my mind. No matter the situation, I always think loads of people will show up. It’s the optimist in me I suppose.

Tonight though I was pondering our low numbers and I remembered the start of my college career. As a freshman there was a dorm Bible study began by BCM in my dorm. I decided to go. There were only five of us for the first few weeks and even then we never grew past about ten, even after we began inviting people from other dorms. I can only imagine that maybe the small numbers were a bit disheartening for that student leader. The impact in the long run was grand though. If I hadn’t gone to that small Bible study, I might not have gone to my current church or knew anything about BCM. I might not be interning with BCM and I might have slipped away from church and God. I try not to live in the land of “What if?” but in this situation, pondering the “what if she hadn’t continued the study because the numbers were small?” question leads me to a place of encouragement.

The student leader did not give up simply because the numbers were small. She continued to teach us until she left the school and then she ensured that there was another leader to step up. Guess who that leader was? Me. Yes, that small study became my first opportunity to lead a Bible study, which has led to my current position with BCM.

I think this memory is God’s way of encouraging me to keep going even if the numbers are small. God is there with us and he can change hearts and lives in small groups just as easily as he can large groups. I just have to do the work he sends to me and trust that He’s doing the heart work.

Galatians 6:9

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.



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