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He Paid It All

Recently I began living in the house of a lady I didn’t know. When I visited before moving in, I volunteered to help with the cost of keeping the house up, but she shushed me and said she wouldn’t let me do that. She explained that she’s blessed to be living in the house for free and that she wanted to share that blessing with me. Beyond being extremely grateful for this blessing, there are two lessons I see here.

The first lesson comes from Luke 3:10-11 when John is preaching to the crowd about Jesus’ coming.

The crowds asked, “What should we do? 

John replied, “If you have two shirts, give one to the poor. If you have food, share it with those who are hungry.

This lady I’m staying with lives that sort of life. She has an open wallet and an open heart. It’s exactly what Jesus came to show us about living. Nothing here belongs to you or me. Our blessings, however small, come from God, so we should use those blessings to point others toward Him. What better way to point someone to Christ than to share our blessing? I’ve been blessed with rent-free accommodations. That means I must strive to bless others in whatever way I can. This blessing chain gives me the opportunity to share God’s love and grace with people who might not otherwise make the connection.

That leads me to the second lesson. The lady I’m staying with had every right to ask for some sort of rent, especially when I offered. Instead she gave me something I didn’t deserve- a free bedroom and community. In the grander scheme of things, I owe so much to God for His forgiveness, mercy, and love that he shows. Yet, since He knows that I’ll never be able to repay him, he waived the cost. He sent his Son to pay the cost, and his Son was willing to do so because of love. I owe Christ everything for what he did on the cross, but he won’t let me pay anything.

So if you’re out there somewhere on the Internet and you feel like you’ve been blessed, pass along that blessing. It’s an opportunity to share Jesus’ love with someone else. Recently in my studies, I been learning about how the most effective way to share the Gospel message is to meet people where they are. This means that by providing something that someone needs, a door may be opened for a conversation about Jesus that might not have occurred otherwise. Therefore, don’t hoard your blessings– they won’t last here one Earth anyway– share those blessings with others because you remember that God chose to bless you first. He didn’t make you pay, so let someone else’s “payment” slide.



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