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Settling for Less Than the Best

As the deer longs for streams of water, so I long for you, O God.

Psalm 42:1

Lately I’ve been having these moments of intense longing for God. Usually these pangs come when I’m busy. I’ll tell myself “okay when I get back to the house, I’ll spend hours with God” but then I get distracted or convince myself to do something different. My mood is affected. If I long for water, why do I settle for soda? If I long for Jesus, why do I settle for mere entertainment?

This reminds me of an event the other day. At the church Easter Egg hunt, we noticed two boys walking through our field where we had hidden the eggs. No one really paid much attention to them until the hunt was about to start. When some of the workers went over to approach them, the boys ran off. Turns out they had been stealing the eggs because we found our prize egg in the creek without any candy. The boys longed for a hunt and for candy yet they chose to remain on the outside and steal. They could have been part of the celebration and had many eggs. Instead they settled for stealing. My Christian walk shouldn’t be about settling. When I long for Christ, I should spend time with him. He’s there with welcome arms.



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