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Monologues from the Cross: Cathy

I am Cathy, modern day follower of Christ. I wasn’t physically present at the cross, but the actions committed there greatly affected my life. When Jesus hung on the cross, he hung there because he knew that I would come along some day and easily fall prey to the tricks of the devil. He wanted to provide a way for me to still have a relationship with God even though I would continuously fail to keep my end of the deal. He loved me in spite of my imperfections and even desires to help me through those imperfections.

Some days I feel like Pilate, shouting that Jesus is innocent and not being heard then falling prey to peer pressure. Some days I connect more with the soldier. My sins are no different than the times that the soldier beat Jesus, and sometimes I really don’t live as if I understand “this Jesus guy.” Then there are the days that I feel like Mary, heavy-hearted because an innocent man hung on a cross but rejoicing when I remember his resurrection. Many days I feel like Peter saying “Lord I will live for you no matter what” and then forgetting that promise when someone asks me directly about my faith. Finally, there are the moments that I let greed cloud my vision just like Judas. I may not sell my savior for 30 pieces of silver, but I let him be ridiculed and mocked in exchange for my pride and reputation.

There is something for us all to learn from the cross, whether we’ve heard it once or many times. Take some time and ponder what Christ did on that cross and how it affects you. For me, it provides hope and forgiveness that I can’t find anywhere else. Then ponder where you fit in this story. Are you Pilate or Peter today? Do you pray like Mary or steal like Judas? The message of the cross is not simply for the non-believers; it’s a message that can change any life.



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