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Monologues from the Cross: Peter

I am Simon Peter, follower and close friend of Jesus Christ. The past three years have been, well, life-changing. It all began when my brother told me about this guy he had met who seemed like he had something different to offer. We talked about it for a bit but it wasn’t until a little while later when the guy found us on our fishing boat that things really began to change. He told us that we could leave our boats and follow him and become fishers of men. At the time I didn’t know what it was, but after following him for a while, I realized that this guy Jesus was Messiah. Jesus and I had some intense moments, and when I say he changed my life, that’s really an understatement. He changed my eternity.

This past week has been the most intense. I’ve tried to follow Jesus but it’s been scary. He’s been talking quite a bit lately about “his time” and what will happen when he’s gone. I know he’s God’s son and has to do what God tells him, but I just thought I’d have a bit more time with this man I think I can call friend. One night we were all in the garden together and Jesus went up to pray a ways off. He asked me and some of the other guys to stay awake and pray as well. I tried really hard, but it was dark and I was tired. So many times I’ve failed Jesus, even after he called me Cephas, which means rock. The last night we all ate supper together, Jesus said that one of us would betray him that night. I kind of got a big head and told Jesus that I would never do such a thing. Jesus directly told me that I would do that very thing three times that night. And I’m ashamed to admit that I did.

Seeing Jesus on the cross was heart-breaking. He had taught me so much and I hadn’t always treated him like I should, and there he was dying a criminal’s death.

Two days later Mary and some other women went to the tomb to take some spices they had prepared. I just didn’t have the heart to go with them. Soon, though, they came running back with joy on their faces. Out of breath, they told me that Jesus wasn’t there anymore and that the stone was gone. I ran back to the tomb with the ladies and sure enough his body was gone. My first thought was that someone had taken the body; then I remembered that Jesus had said he would be coming back. It wasn’t long after that moment that Jesus came to see all of the disciples who had gathered in the room where we’d had dinner together. Jesus came in through our locked door and let us touch his side and hands where the nails and sword had been. It was wonderful that he was really back with us. But we knew he couldn’t stay. Thankfully though I know where I will find him and he has promised that some day, he will be back.

For now, I’d urge all of you to get to know him. Even though you can’t touch his side and hands, you can still talk to him and let him guide you in your life. From personal experience, I can say that your life will never be the same.


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