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Monologues from the Cross: Mary

I am Mary, mother of Jesus. What seems like not so long ago, an angel visited me. At the time I was engaged to Joseph, but this angel told me some news that almost broke that engagement. The angel told me that I was pregnant with the Son of God. This was terrifying yet exciting news. I still don’t understand why God would choose me, but the angel told me that some day my son would be king in a kingdom that would never end. I trusted the Lord and the Lord provided for me.

As my son, who I called Jesus, grew up, I remembered this angel’s visit, but it wasn’t until the last few years of his life that I really began to see his greatness shine. He began preaching and gathering crowds. I heard stories of him healing sick children and raising men from the dead. I was proud of how my son was following His Heavenly Father because I knew that God was Jesus’ father, not Joseph. Then I started hearing stories of people threatening to hurt my son. There was nothing I could do because I simply had to trust that God was protecting my son.

The day they put him on that cross was the worst day of my life. For most people in the crowd, Jesus was simply a leader or a friend, but that was my son up there, dying and in pain. I never for a moment doubted his innocence; I simply trusted that God had everything under control. Even though I trusted, I still wept as they beat him, mocked him, and humiliated him. My heart broke when he called out to his Father in heaven “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” I was proud as he talked with the other two criminals near by and then as he forgave his mockers. Finally he breathed his last and said “It is finished.” As much as it hurt to see my son die, I knew that his death was a sacrifice to atone for the sins of everyone.

I left the cross with a heavy heart. After the Sabbath was over, I went with Mary Magdalene to visit the tomb. When we arrived, there was a great earthquake and an angel appeared. Since this was only the second time I had been visited by an angel, I was still surprised by the bright light and powerful voice. He told us to not fear and that Jesus was not in the tomb. The angel showed us his death garments where the body used to be, but there was no body. We ran quickly to tell the men what we had seen and heard. It was a wonderful day! My son had risen from the grave. He had proved to everyone that he truly is the Son of God!

My story is anything than ordinary, but I wouldn’t trade this opportunity for anything else. I am grateful to God to even play such a small role in the life of Jesus and in bringing salvation to all.


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