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Monologues from the Cross: Roman Soldier

I am a soldier in the Roman army and I’ll never forget the week when Jesus died. When we first went to the olive grove to arrest him, I didn’t fully understand what everyone was so upset about. One of his followers led us to him, which was totally bizarre. Then when we tried to arrest the men with him as well, he called himself “I AM” and told us to let them go. One of his followers, named Peter I believe, got a little crazy and cut off Malcus’s ear. Jesus said something about prophesy being fulfilled and his father’s angels and drinking from the cup of suffering. We led him away and a bit later we were told to beat him and put him in a crown of thorns and a purple robe in reference to the fact that he called himself a king. This man obviously did something wrong because Pilate tried his hardest to set him free but the people would have none of that. Since I didn’t know any better and his own people thought he was guilty, I assumed the man called Jesus should die. When they put him on the cross, he didn’t fight it like other prisoners. He accepted the beatings and even watched as we gambled for his clothing. he yelled some words and then said, “It is finished.” Pilate wanted us to hurry these crucifixions along since Sabbath was the next day, so he ordered us to break the three prisoners’ legs. When my buddy went to take care of Jesus, he realized Jesus was already dead. I pierced Jesus’ side with a spear and blood and water flowed out. It was a strange crucifixion but what I heard later was even stranger.

A couple of my buddies were assigned to guard the tomb where Jesus was put so that no one could steal the body. They didn’t fall asleep but they said they remember some bright light and the next thing they knew the stone was gone. This stone was huge and would have taken several men to move. Somehow the stone was moved and Jesus’ body was gone. Later there were reports of people talking and meeting with Jesus. I don’t really understand this Jesus guy, but I’m starting to think there was something different about him.



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