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Monologues from the Cross: Pilate

I am Pontius Pilate, Roman governor of Judea. I remember the day they brought this man named Jesus to me. His accusers told me that this man was a criminal who deserved to die. I wanted the Jews to take care of him on their own, but they reminded me that only Romans are allowed to execute someone. When I talked to Jesus alone, he answered my questions with questions and talked about a kingdom outside of this world. There was definitely something different about this man. He told me that anyone who loved the truth would recognize that what he said was true. This man left me pondering what truth really is. I declared him innocent and tried to release him but the people would have none of that. When given a choice between Jesus and Barabbas, a murderer, they chose to release Barabbas. Still I tried to convince the people that Jesus was innocent in my eyes, but they told me that I would be going against Caesar if I released him. I watched as they beat this innocent man and took him away to be crucified. Later when I heard about his body disappearing from a sealed tomb, I knew my suspicions about this man were true. This man called Jesus was innocent and the words he spoke about his non-earthly kingdom were true. There was something about this man I’ll never forget. This is why I left his sign to say “King of the Jews”. He was a king with powers greater than mine.


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