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BCM Update and Prayer Requests

These past few weeks have been good on campus. The BCM have met three times on Monday nights for dinner and Bible study. We even have a couple new faces this semester. We’ve been studying through The Gospel Project from LifeWay. A local church was willing to give us their previous quarter’s books so that we can use this study for free. So far we have looked at God and why he should be praised according to Psalm 148 and Job 38. The next week we hit it hard with Satan’s fall as described by Isaiah and Ezekiel. This session produced many good questions about the origin of evil and showed us how God triumphs over evil. This coming Monday we will be back in Genesis 2 and Psalm 95 and discussing how God lovingly made this world for his people. It was a bit nerve-wracking at first to co-teach these lessons to what are essentially my peers, but it has proved to be an educational experience. I’ve learned about preparing lessons, seeking God’s guidance on what to say, and searching the scriptures when questions are posed.

In addition to Monday nights, the women and I have been meeting on Tuesday nights in a dorm to study Biblical truths about our relationship with God presented in a book called Spoken For. This book is written by Robin Jones Gunn and Alyssa Bethke. It has nice short chapters that we all read prior to coming together and wonderful discussion questions. The best part about this book is that it points us back to scriptures that we can use to remind ourselves how God views us. Many in our group come from broken families of one sort or another and/or have been in romantic relationships that left us feeling less than. We are using those experiences and heartaches combined with the stories told by Robin and Alyssa to compare with how God has never abandoned us or hurt us. Of course God always wins! The book and the conversations that follow are healing to the heart for everyone in the group. I’m thankful that God has placed this group of women in my life. I don’t think I’m really leading this group as much as this group is leading itself. Even if we all separate after college time ends, I look forward to worshiping Jesus in heaven with these ladies.

Finally, I spend my time on campus manning a prayer table on Tuesday afternoons. I stake out a spot for three hours where I have an open invitation to prayer and requests. I ask for prayer for this specific ministry. It’s not been as fruitful as I’d like. It’s a busy time for this location but many students simply walk by without stopping. I’ve only had a few people stop. I know God can use it for even a few people, but it would be encouraging to talk with more people. It has been a bit of an eye opener though. Of the few people who have stopped, a couple have not exactly been open or understanding of the gospel. One girl stopped and asked if she could say no to prayer. I replied that she could, but I was a bit shocked when she wrote on the paper that I shouldn’t pray for her and proceeded to sign her name. Of course, I prayed that God would soften her heart and provide an opportunity for a Christian to talk with her. Another student stopped with a couple of prayer requests and I was able to talk with him about his faith. He believes in God and Jesus as God’s son but he also believes there are many ways to heaven. I pray that I will be able to talk with him further when he doesn’t have to rush to class. Please pray for me here at this table, that I would be bolder in talking to people and that more students would stop to talk and pray. I know God can use this table.

Well that’s about it for an update. I hope your January is turning out nicely.

If you feel led to financially support my missions work on this college campus, please visit my website.


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