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Am I In Any Way Beautiful?

As a young girl, I would watch Disney princesses and desire to wear beautiful dresses. I pretended to be a princess. My toe nails changed color at least once a week. Even though I’ve grown a bit since those days, I still find myself desiring to be beautiful.

Photo cred to my uncle

I want to be beautiful. I want people to notice beauty, but it doesn’t feel enough to be noticed for my physical beauty. I want a joyful beauty to emanate from my spirit. The beautiful joy of God.

Photo cred to Clare Lutz McMurtry

Paul tells Timothy that women should be modest in their appearance. Women should not draw attention to their outward beauty. Instead the beauty should come from within. It should manifest itself in a servant’s heart, a joyful smile, or a listening ear. Paul says that “women who claim to be devoted to God should make themselves attractive by the good things they do” (1 Timothy 2:10). A woman’s external features could be perfectly placed and manicured, but if her attitude is hateful or selfish, her outward beauty is flawed. It’s about the heart.

I still sometimes wake up and desire to be physically beautiful. I forget to focus on my inward beauty. I’m human, but I know God desires the inward beauty. That’s more important.



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