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Four Leaf Clover

About a week ago, I prayed “God if this is going to be a good day, please let me find a four leaf clover.” That day continued without finding a four leaf clover. I’ve been searching for a four-leaf clover since earlier this summer. Every time I start searching, someone else found one and I got frustrated and gave up.

Today I walked out of school to get in my car and go home, but my car wouldn’t start. Mind you this happened just a week ago when I discovered that my brake lights were staying on after I turned off the car. I was stuck at school in another town when I really just wanted to get back to my dorm. I called my best friend with tears. I thought it was my brake light again. So I got the band director to jump my car and I called the mechanic. Wiping away tears I headed back toward college. Before I got out of the parking lot I realized that my headlights were still turned on. Oh bummer. It wasn’t my brake lights this time; it was my own stupidity. I humbled myself and called the mechanic back.

Lo and behold when I got out of my car at college, I found a four leaf clover. I almost cried again. God was sending me a sign that it’s all gonna be okay. In Captivating, Stasi Eldredge talks about how God sends us chocolate and flowers in the form of sunsets and beautiful trees sometimes. Today God sent me some chocolate in the form of a four leaf clover.



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